Hi. I am Gilbert Yalda and I'm still working on this page, so it's under construction, sort of.

Web Designer

I mainly do web design for webtunerz. If you need a website, we can design one specifically for you.

What I Like To Do

I Have Quite A Few Hobbies

Play Guitar

I used to play in a band right after high school and pursued the music career right before I discovered my love for design and marketing and decided to go to school for just that.


Sometimes, I like to workout. I used to take fitness pretty seriously, but now I'm old and overweight. I will get back into it though because health is super important.

Drone Freestyle

I find drones very intriguing. I don't do it for the reasons most people do, like videography and whatnot, nope, I like to freestyle. Doing tricks in the air is fun for me.

Quote I Like To Live By:

What doesn't kill you now, will probably still take years off your life later.

- Gilbert
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